Qualios Doc allows you to manage your documents, their validation cycles, their evolutions and guarantees for each user an up-to-date information.

Documents in the course of creation or revision
Validation cycle
Broadcasting of active documents
Manual or automatic filing/archiving if a new version

Main characteristics

  • Intranet.extranet software : With only their navigator, the user can have access to all documents which are put at their disposal.
  • Multi-referential software : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc.
  • Management of all documents of your company, of your processes, whatever your activity
  • Workflow of validation and integrated document distributionbroadcasting
  • Versioning, traceability, of the documents and of the actions made by users
  • Centralized information accessible through a personalizedcollaborative portal.
  • Organization and document classification you can configure for your management
  • Archives management
  • Safe access software
  • Use your own mail system
  • Participative tool for the improvement of your document system
  • Multi language software: english, french, italian spanisch, portugese, dutch, etc.
  • Convergence tool : users synchronization with your centralized directory

Hightlights For the users of the document management system

  • Simple document management, User-friendliness
  • Control of document distribution/broadcasting
  • Helping toward a paperless office
  • Document traceability
  • Integrating existing documentation
  • Using model documents
  • Documents in html or in their native format (.doc , .xls , .ppt , .pdf, .avi, .gif, etc..) excel word Power point
  • Traceability, history of documents
  • Notification of users by e-mail
  • Centralized information in real time
  • Search « full text »
  • Favourites for each user
  • Web Interface in the user language
  • * Authors and Signatories are by default Users


Write your documents using HTML Qualios word processor and/or Word


Consult the documents with a web navigator (Internet Explorer or Firefox) The consulted documents are always the latest validated version.


Users, Authors, Signatories - Receive a notification by e-mail when you have an action to do with Qualios Doc software (document to acknowledge receipt, document to be signed, document to inaugurate, etc.) Your task in progress box shows you in real time the actions to do.


Pass your suggestions to the author of the document. His(her) answer will be sent by e-mail and will be registered in the suggestion management tool..Search and find your documents


Simple searching tool for documents recherche simple or advanced search To search and efficiently find your documents in the Qualios Doc management documents software

Some samples

  • Procedures
  • Protocols
  • Instructions
  • Specification sheets
  • Service note
  • Reports
  • Memos
  • Employment procedures
  • Juridic watch Purchases
  • Suppliers referentials
  • Prices referentials
  • Procedures
  • Organization chart
  • Directories
  • Events
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