Your quality management system

QMS Package: a turnkey solution

The QMS package for Qualios software allows you to quickly and easily set up your quality management system, meeting the regulatory requirements of the ISO 9001 V2015 standard.

Our pack is composed of forms and dashboards ready to use, allowing through a management by process to obtain a traceability of the actions to be carried out and the actions already completed, as well as dashboards, indicators and alerts within an intranet or extranet environment.

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The forms in the QMS package

  • No Compliance
  • Complaints
  • Risk Management
  • Competence and authorisation management
  • Audit management
  • Surveys and evaluations
  • Actions (AC, AP, AA)...

The dashboards of the QMS package

  • Follow-up of audits
  • Non-compliance monitoring
  • Follow-up of customer complaints
  • Global Action Plan
  • Action plan per pilot
  • Risk monitoring
  • Follow-up of the training courses to be planned
  • Follow-up of surveys and evaluations

    Why set up a Quality Management System ?

    The establishment of the QMS has one objective: the overall and continuous improvement of a company's quality. This comprehensive, performance-oriented system encompasses all the company's actors, tools and activities. A QMS is therefore a set of rules and processes that will facilitate the company's quality policy by setting out the main quality objectives to be achieved, but also the resources required to achieve them.

    The Quality Management System also aims to involve all staff in a quality approach, while facilitating decision-making and the treatment of any malfunctions. Managing a company and its quality approach also requires reliable indicators, within clear dashboards, in order to precisely target possible stumbling points within the workflow.

    A customizable pack according to your needs

    What can be customized in the QMS Package proposed by Qualios ?
    • Access rights to the elements
    • The graphic chart
    • The content of the portal
    • Forms workflows
    • The contents of the forms
    • The values of the drop-down lists
    • Data to be displayed in the dashboards
    • Charts of the dashboards
    • The different indicators

    Customization can also be enhanced by your own forms or dashboards created within Qualios Manager.

    This customization can be realized by your editors, who we train on site or in remote assistance, and whom we can of course support. Our own consultants can also work on the customization of your QMS package, by writing and/or validating a complete set of specifications, then adapting your portals, forms and dashboards. We are of course able to propose specific developments, as well as a perfectly functional integration.

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