A BPM workflow software

With our fully customizable dynamic workflow tool, you can create your own flows, process by process, form by form.
Our BPM software adapts to your actors, your flows, your processes and all the sectors of your establishment: quality, IT, HR, purchasing…

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The management of your business processes

Qualios workflow software will allow you to control the flow of information and the different steps of your operational processes. You keep an overview of your projects, their progress and the actions of each one.

Our solution is fully customizable, whether it is the implementation of your internal procedures or the assignment of the various actors. We offer you a structuring framework that can be fully adapted to your processes, your quality approach and your employees.

Discover below some of the features:
Creating custom forms
Customized dashboards
Management of rights, access and views
Setting up the different workflow steps
Modeling your processing circuit
Workflow version management
Statistical monitoring

Manage your workflow efficiently

Analyze, monitor and control information

This means that no information flow can remain unanswered for a long time: whether it is a technical change, a customer request or an HR document, it is perfectly tracked throughout the workflow steps. From managing a customer order to tracking a delivery, processing complaints or paying salaries, Qualios is there to simplify the task and ensure maximum traceability.
Each step requires validation by the individual(s) concerned: you keep control over the tasks, their assignment and their progress over time. With a few clicks, you can view the missions & types of processes in progress, the employees involved, the tasks that are completed and those that have fallen behind.

5 good reasons to use
our workflow software

Automatize your processes & improve your reactivity
Increase your productivity by reducing your management costs
Ensure compliance of your processes in real time
Manage your business easily and efficiently
Involve your employees in a quality approach


BPM software to management

Our workflow software is an implementation of the BPM approach, which corresponds to the management of the different business processes. A BPM software aims to optimize your flows through accurate modeling.

This approach allows you to rationalize and automate your processes, but also to create and manage business applications. Qualios allows you to have a broader and more precise vision of management and thus facilitate the daily work of teams.

Saving time & reliability

Your processes are strictly followed, and their management is significantly simplified.

Your increased productivity

Faster management and therefore shorter processing times.

Maximum accessibility

Your information and documents are centralized, secure and accessible.

Towards a transversal communication

The real-time management of your processes allows increased communication between the actors of your company, regardless of their hierarchical level.

Managers see workflow software as a way to ensure that the company's business runs smoothly, while employees distinguish more precisely the importance of their tasks.

As a transversal solution, our BPM / Workflow management software gives each participant a precise function, which also allows them to situate themselves in relation to the company's operations.


Identify and remove blocking points

Finally, the use of our software allows each employee to have access only to the information that concerns them, within a personalized dashboard - which contributes above all to a clarification of flows. On the other hand, this segmentation of information will provide the opportunity to observe in real time any recurring organizational problems.

The workflow software offered by Qualios will indeed make it possible to target specific "nodes" and problems related to your business processes, and of course to solve these blocking points; whether through a better circulation of information or through the implementation of tools, forms or dashboards adapted to your business.

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