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The HRP package offered by Qualios allows an easy and quick implementation of your skills management system, while meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001 V2015 standard.

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Our original, process-oriented skills management method will enable you to meet strategic skills challenges while improving the satisfaction of your internal & external customers.

For more than 15 years, the Qualios HRP package has been tested by our partner consulting firm "JFA & Associés" with many organizations: small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, associations, public sector entities, etc.

Scope of the HRP Package

Employment and Skills Planning Management (ESPM) is an anticipation of the company's strategy, through precise planning and concrete evaluation of the skills required to achieve the company's objectives.

The HRP therefore makes it possible to take into account the mood factor within the company's management: the HRP pack proposed by Qualios thus aims to facilitate HRM tasks and to set up a global action plan linked to recruitment, training or even mobility.

The HRP Package is based on an original skills management method proven by our partner consulting firm "JFA & Associés" to many organizations (VSEs - SMEs; Large companies; Associations; Public Sector) for more than 15 years. This process-oriented methodology allows you to meet the satisfaction of internal & external customers and strategic skills challenges.


The main axes of the HRP package

Here are the main features offered by our pack:
  • Develop the mapping of target occupations
  • Describe each profession and the activities/tasks involved
  • Describe the technical, transversal and managerial skills for each business line
  • Have business reference systems: activities, skills, authorizations
  • Have an HR query tool to facilitate access to competency management
  • Provide managers with evaluation tools

You can thus easily identify the organization of trades and skills: specialization, versatility, vocation of individuals are at the heart of the Forecast Employment and Skills Management.

The human being as a cardinal value

The human being is at the heart of the company's processes, so the HRP package makes it possible to analyse any gaps between the required skills and the skills that can be mobilised.

Knowledge of the general level of employee mastery and the level of mastery of a particular strategic skill then leads to specific developments, training, permits or authorizations. Talent and resource management is strategic for your corporate culture, your HR management but also to optimize your performance.

In addition, even before using our solution, we are able to offer you a complete HRP diagnosis and support you throughout the implementation of the principles related to HRP



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