Discover the Qualios mobile application

Thanks to our mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows compatible), keep Qualios in your pocket, wherever you go ! You can consult and create documents and forms, search among your records and synchronize your changes.

Create and consult files

Whether it is a document or a form, you can open them directly from the application. Use the search box to easily find the desired file - an advanced search is also available.

The access menu is particularly ergonomic and allows you to easily access all your documents. You can also consult the Qualios documentation, whether you are online (i.e. connected to the Qualios server) or offline.

You can of course create new records or modify existing ones. In offline mode, you can also create records that will be automatically synchronized once you are connected to the Qualios server again. The mobile application makes your life easier !

Intelligent automatic synchronization

Synchronization is "intelligent": it checks the date of the last synchronization and starts the process if the server is available. It is possible to disable this automatic synchronization, or to change the default time between each synchronization.

Thanks to this system, you no longer have to juggle between your offline saved documents and your online registrations ; everything is automatically switched online. Note that you can also activate synchronization manually, on the required records or documents.

When creating a new record, you can activate the "Forward" option, for example, even in online mode ! Thus, you can modify this record as much as you like - when the application reconnects to the Qualios server, this record will be immediately sent to the appropriate correspondents.

Manage your favorites and notifications

The Qualios application includes several very useful features, such as favorites. Post your favorite documents to find them faster, download your documents or forms to access them even offline, and appropriate the application for yourself !

A notification system allows you to be alerted for any modification or new recording (vibrator/ringtone according to your choices). This system, easily deactivatable, is particularly used by consultants, sales representatives and other professionals who are often on the move.
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