ISO 9001 standard

ISO 9001 is an international quality management standard. It is intended as a basis for improving internal management, improving workflow control, controlling your costs and optimizing your company's overall competitiveness.

A reference standard

In practice, the ISO 9001 standard means that quality certification is granted to companies that comply with the rules and principles laid down.
If this standard now serves as an international reference, it is because it proves that the company in question has processes in place that aim to provide a quality product or service, in addition to complying with legal regulations and the requirements of the end customer.

The ISO 9001 standard thus demonstrates an organization's ability to take a step back on its processes, identify areas for improvement and act accordingly.

ISO 9001: a guide to Quality

The success of this standard is significant : more than one million companies in more than 170 countries comply with and apply ISO 9001:2015.

It must be said that the very principles of this standard are as many adjuvants to improve the performance of your company, and this at many levels: quality audit, customer satisfaction, risk and non-conformity management, information dissemination, decision-making, cost management, performance evaluation... ISO 9001 therefore allows you to gain efficiency in a continuous improvement process.

A popular certification

This certification is intended for all types of organizations, regardless of the sector of activity and the size of the organization. The standard has been revised several times and the latest version, dated 2015, has made ISO 9001:2015 more accessible to all types of companies by adopting a clearer framework structure.

Even within a small company without a quality manager and more generally without dedicated quality management staff, the implementation of the standard is both possible and worthwhile. ISO 9001 allows you to involve your employees in a global and positive quality approach.

Image, tenders and market share

ISO 9001 certification is a very positive signal given to your customers but also to your prospects. This standard has established itself as a serious and reliable quality approach, which has a significant impact on the image of certified companies.

In addition, ISO 9001 is very often required to participate in some major tenders, demonstrating that the standard can open up some important business opportunities. Moreover, according to research conducted by the Chair of the Fondation Paris-Dauphine and the Université Dauphine de Paris, certified organizations are seeing a 4% increase in their turnover.

Qualios and ISO 9001 certification

Qualios has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006 - and that's only natural, since our core business is quality management !

We implement software that makes it easier for you to obtain the required ISO certifications, whether through our EDM solution or our tools to manage and improve your workflow. Our product also undergoes continuous improvement to optimize the management of your information flows and the productivity of your organization.
We are at your disposal and are able to offer you a free demonstration of our software, according to your needs.