ISO 27001 standard

ISO 27001 and the 27000 family of standards concern the security of organizations' information. This standard allows you to implement measures to protect your company's computer data.

IT risk and sensitive data

The digitalization of companies and their information flows has had an impact on the overall IT risk. Today, data is regularly targeted by hackers, but can also be lost or altered by simple technical or human errors.

The purpose of the ISO 27001 standard is to identify the risks of IT failure and to analyse the risks involved, particularly with regard to strategic data.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

ISO 27001 proves that the company in question has set up an effective ISMS that complies with international regulatory requirements. This ensures efficient risk management and maximum security protection for cybersecurity, functional updates or data encryption.

So-called "sensitive" information is particularly concerned by the ISO 27001 standard, which provides not only good practices to be followed but also the means of implementing them factually.

Be protected against IT risk

Within the framework of ISO 27001, your company is committed to a continuous improvement process for its own IT security. In this way, you comply with the latest regulatory standards.

In the face of your prospects, customers, partners or suppliers, the ISO 27001 standard is a sign of your involvement in the protection of their data as well as that of your organization. Your business is consolidated, sustainable, protected from cyber attacks that can have serious consequences. It is therefore a very positive signal, which gives real confidence to your entity.

Qualios and the ISO 27001 standard

We implement software that facilitates your ISO 27001 certification and the implementation of an effective action plan to improve your company's data security. Qualios makes it easier to mobilize your teams, especially your CISO, to increase information security, but also to control the continuous improvement of your IT practices.
Qualios can adapt 100% to your activity and take into account the specificities of your sector of activity. We are at your disposal and can offer you a free demonstration of our solution.