ISO 22000 / 22001 standard

The ISO 22001 standard and the ISO 22000 series are related to food safety management. The international standard ISO 22000:2018 determines the means to be implemented within an organization to control the risks inherent to the sector.

Food products and dangerousness

The circulation of food, nationally or extra-nationally, requires reliable controls and standards to ensure maximum safety and traceability.
As a result, ISO 22000 and its new version, published in 2018, focus on safety throughout the food chain, from the raw material to the consumer. ISO 22001 serves as a guideline for establishing good safety or health practices.

A guarantee of reliability and seriousness

At a time when consumers are developing a certain distrust of the agri-food industry, ISO 22000 makes it possible to put safety back at the heart of an organization's processes.

The principles laid down therefore concern hygiene (of individuals, premises, installations) but also a systematic analysis of risks and so-called "critical" points in production or packaging. Food safety requires, in particular, an analysis of the microbiological or chemical risks associated with food production.

ISO 22000 certification is therefore a guarantee of confidence for the end consumer as well as for your partners or service providers, especially since it facilitates the implementation of efficient controls and corrective actions, which generates dynamic hazard control.

Improve skills and performance

In addition to safety, quality is of course predominant within the ISO 22001 standard. The quality management provided by 22001 is based on continuous improvement at several levels :
  • Optimized planning for a clearer workflow
  • Simplified teamwork through more effective communication
  • A global improvement of skills, in particular through better documentation
  • An overall improvement in performance, thanks to complete control of the production chain

Qualios and the ISO 22000/22001 standard

We implement software that makes it easier for you to obtain ISO 22001 certification, including our EDM solution and our tools to manage and improve your workflow. Through efficient dashboards, you maintain full control over your product compliance and flow. The analysis and monitoring of risks, particularly those related to agri-food products, is an integral part of the tools developed by Qualios.
Our solution can be 100% adapted to your business and take into account the specificities of the food industry. Depending on your needs, we also offer you a free and interactive demonstration of our tools.