Create and manage your forms
with Qualios Manager software

Our form generator with a workflow engine allows you to provide your users with forms customized content using configured channels. You have control over all types of forms and can customize all fields and content as required.

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Qualios Manager thus makes it possible to centralize information via a collaborative reception portal and ensure optimal traceability for all workflow actors. With a simple browser, your employees can access intra / extranet software and all your forms, dashboards and related indicators.

Tailor-made forms

Simply build your forms with a customized workflow using our BPM software. Pre-registered templates are available, but everything is customizable!

User-friendliness and traceability

The user completes the records and can track each piece of information. Such monitoring of the actions completed or to be completed avoids the waste of information.

For effective control and management

Each workflow actor receives an email alert when he has an action to perform. The box of tasks in progress also indicates the actions the actions completed or to be completed.

Your forms in 3 steps

Creation of your forms in a few clicks
Parameter setting: fields, drop-down lists, menus, buttons, labels
Writer-administrator environment
Use of the form according to accesses
New record: notifications
Secure and traceable electronic system
Monitoring of indicators and KPIs
Charts & dashboards
Warnings and alerts

Simplify your workflow
with Qualios Manager !

Qualios Manager is a particularly effective framework to manage your workflow and monitor the evolution of your company's tasks. SaaS or Licensed software, with secure access, allows both paper dematerialization and increased control. Finally, all our software is multilingual, and the interfaces can be offered in French, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, etc.

Records, notifications and reminders

  • Electronic transfer of records
  • Notification of actors by e-mail (institutional messaging)
  • Automatic reminders anticipating processing delays

Reliable convergence tools

  • Interactivity with other databases
  • Connection module on remote databases, data import/export tool
  • Connection with LDAP directories or HR software

Use your data and track your KPIs

  • Data analysis by dashboards and charts updated in real time
  • Indicators monitoring
  • Qualios Analysis: Activity monitoring of Qualios users

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Some examples of customizable forms

  • Non-compliance form, incident form
  • Customer complaint
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Continuous improvement sheet
  • Adverse Event Reporting form...

Risk management / vigilance
  • Material vigilance
  • Hemovigilance
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Infectiovigilance ...
Administrative / Human Resources
  • Request for meeting room reservations
  • Ordering equipment, supplies
  • Request for leave
  • Request for training
  • Recruitment request...

With Qualios, quality management
has never been so intuitive !

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